About Genesil Technologies ...


We are in business forever
Our employees are our most important asset
We value quality in all we do
Knowledge is power
Making a profit is an honourable endeavour
Our word is our bond

Our laboratory level efforts started in 1998 and manufacturing of Silicone Softeners was able to start in August 2000. Since then we have been producing a variety of Silicone Emulsions for each and every class of customer. Now we reform ourselves with a focus on Innovative Silicones for our decade long customer base as well as exploring new markets.

As a result of our quest for excellence incorporation of GeneSil Technologies paved way for bringing together emulsion technology and innovative ideas all together to formulate marvellous products up to customer expectation. At GeneSil Technologies we believe in providing you value added products at cost effective price.

We offer our bulk buyers a facility to get a product manufactured by us as per their requirement. All Silicone Softener variants such as Non Yellowing, Hydrophilic, Shear Stable, Highly Concentrated and Eco-Friendly Silicones are available with us.