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Gene Soft HCX

Highly Concentrated Silicone Softener for Super Soft Rich Feel
Eco Friendly, APEO Free.
It can be diluted up to 10 times to obtain economical dilute Silicone Softener.

Gene Soft MCX

Concentrated Silicone Softener for optimum softness and hand feel.
Eco Friendly and APEO Free product
It is used either at low dosage or diluted up to 5 times

Gene Soft LCX

Silicone Softener for good Softness and excellent hand feel ‘
Ready to use economical product.
It can furnish excellent properties when used along with other compatible products

Gene Soft NYS

Silicone Softener for NON –YELLOWING effect on fabrics
Extra Soft Feel in comparison to other products in this series
Economical in usage.

Gene Soft SSF

Silicone Softener with SHEAR STABLE property , suitable in Soft Flow Machines
Non Yellowing Product
Hydrophilic Product

Gene Soft HSF

Silicone Softener with HYDROPHILIC property used in terry towels and other related products
Non Yellowing Product